Glamour never takes a day off.
— Iman

We are the first Cannabis social club for women & those who identify as women, in Los Angeles -- founded on the basis of divine, feminine power and dedicated to women coming together for a greater purpose in philanthropic pursuits. Our by-invitation only club, allows us to curate special and exclusive charity events for members, with a carefully selected guest list. Uniquely and luxuriously catered to create multi-sensorial experiences & events, our club inspires guests to remember and unleash the innate love and trust between women and the healing properties of the cannabis plant. We truly believe in the transformative power one woman can have on another and through our feminine celebration, connection, and charity, we will honor the sophisticated Original Goddess within each of us. We hope you enjoy these experiences, as much as we enjoy sharing our creativity, style, and heart in every detail of our soirees. Step into your feminine power and choose a journey in connection with your sisters & the cannabis, female flower. 


OG Girls Clubâ„¢